Bi-Directional Provers

A bi-directional prover is one of the most reliable means available to verify meter readings and establish meter factors. It is an easy and accurate way to calibrate meters in the field, in order to ensure exact measurement of liquid flow.

The principle of operation is based on positive displacement with flow and displacer travelling in both directions by means of a 4-way diverter valve. The bi-directional prover is constructed of pipe which can be configured in many ways. The bi-directional prover offers long-term reliability with minimum maintenance.

OGS provides pipe provers with 4" to 42" measuring sections.

Our design complies with the recommendations of the following metering standards (typically):

  • API (MPMS) Chapters:
    • 4.2 Displacement provers
    • 4.6 Pulse interpolation
    • 13.2 Statistical concepts and procedures in measurement
  • ISO 7278/BS 6866 Liquid hydrocarbons - Proving systems of meters used in dynamic measurements
  • OIML RR119 - Pipe provers for testing and measuring systems for liquids other than water
  • GOST requirements for proving systems

Features & Benefits

  • Ability to handle various types of liquid
  • Precise on-site calibration ensures low uncertainty for accurate results
  • Low labour and running costs due to automation options
  • Calibration using master meter or water draw
  • Ability to use both neoprene and polyurethane spheres