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Oil & Gas Measurement Limited (OGM)

Along with producing the highest quality of components, OGM offers front-end consultancy, prototyping, in-house testing and accompanies these services with cutting-edge scientific research. OGM provides products to meet both the current and future needs of the petro-chemical industries.

Oil & Gas Systems International (OGSI)

Oil and Gas Systems International is a special division, purposed to promote products and services of OGH Group in the markets of Middle East and Africa as well as to render local after-sales support.

Maurer® Instruments

Maurer® Instruments supply liquid sampling equipment, either catalogue products or complete packaged sampling systems. All of their products are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards supplying several global markets.

M&T (Metering & Technology SAS)

Metering & Technology supply ultrasonic flow meters incorporating up to 32 beam technology for liquid hydrocarbon custody transfer metering. Helical turbine flow meters are also supplied for a wide viscosity range of hydrocarbon fluids for the petro-chemical industry.

Enhydra Limited

Enhydra Ltd is an oil industry process company dedicated to the provision of specialised engineering services in the fields of Produced Water Treatment and Water Injection Systems.

Totec Design

Totec provides first class detailed Engineering and Mechanical Design services including pipe stress analysis to the Oil & Gas, Water & Sewerage, Food & Process and Heavy Engineering Industries.

R&D Electrical Limited

R&D undertake electrical and instrumentation work throughout the UK and have experience in hazardous area process plant installations with systems installed by CompEx trained staff.


FPAL (First Point Assessment Limited) works to identify, qualify, evaluate and monitor suppliers on behalf of its purchasing members. OGS company information and performance data can be viewed through the FPAL system as OGS is a registered supplier on the UK First Point (FPAL) database for offshore contractors and operators (registration number 10041085).


The Energy Industries Council is a leading trade association for UK companies supplying goods and services to the energy industries worldwide.

Gas Processors Association Europe

The Gas Processors Association Europe aims to promote technical and operational excellence and serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas and information for all participants in the European Gas Processing industry.