Prognosis is the world’s first and only Condition Based Monitoring and diagnostic system for differential pressure meters. Swinton Technology in partnership with DP Diagnostics LLC has developed patented techniques to provide real-time meter system accuracy assurance and immediate warnings of suspect meter performance.

Using a third tapping downstream of the DP meter body, two further differential pressures can be measured. By comparing the three DPs in multiple ways, Prognosis produces 4 pairs of 'normalised' results which are plotted as 4 points on a simple live graphical display. Points inside the box show that the meter is performing correctly, where points outside of the box indicate a problem and Prognosis raises an alarm. Applicable to any standard DP meter such as Orifice, Venturi, Cone, Wedge, or Flow Nozzle, Prognosis can form the basis of a risk based maintenance strategy as encouraged by the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) in the United Kingdom.

Prognosis has been proven in both independent laboratory tests and on live metering systems in both the UK and the USA. Prognosis has been adopted by major oil and gas operators around the world for use on fiscal and non-fiscal DP meters, both onshore and offshore.