OGS supply Fiscal Metering Systems, Allocation Metering and Custody Transfer Metering Systems for a wide range of fluids including oil, gas and condensate. Typical applications include production, transmission/distribution pipelines, import/export for oil, gas and LNG terminals and storage facilities.

Our systems are provided compliant with DECC & NPD requirements for fiscal measurement requirements in the UK and Norwegian sector of supply. Our computation and reporting packages can range from simple flow computers to full supervisory systems with graphical control functions and communication with DCS, ICSS or other systems.

All of our systems are built, assembled and flow tested at our own fabrication facilities in Swansea (UK) or Kaliningrad (Russia) on the Baltic Sea.

Type of Meter Gas Standards Liquid Standards
Ultrasonic AGA9, BS7965, ISO TC30/SC5W91 API MPMS Chapter 4.6 & 4.7
Orifice ISO 5167, AGA 3, AGA 5, ISO 6976 BS 5844
Turbine API Chapter 14, ISO 9951 API Chapters 5,6,11,12,13,14
Coriolis AGA Draft - 11 ISO 10790 API Chapter 5 & 6, API MPMS 20.1, OIM CC R105

OGS provide fiscal and custody transfer metering and analyser systems, ranging from simple meter tubes to complete skid-mounted or packaged units for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

We utilise all forms of metrology and all systems are designed to international standards of AGA, IP, ISO, OIML as well as local design standards of GOST, OGA, BSI, DNV, NPD, NORSOK, NIST, PTB and NMI.

BP South Caucasus Pipeline Expansion Project - MX71 Metering Skid Assembly