OGS apprentices achieve 3rd place at welding competition

Posted on: 10th Mar 2014

Our apprentices Andrew Maxwell, Elliot Rees, Paul Lawrence and Ryan Jones worked together as a team to fabricate a working and scaled version of a pit head and tram which ensured they were selected and put through to the finals of a weld off. This is the first time the college has had a team of apprentices get through to the finals held in Wolverhampton on 27th February 2014.

They were up against a few industries including a British Aerospace company that had a cad cut designed and produced miniature tank to weld.  We are proud that our boys were able to show off their skills by producing their own design sketches to fabricate a fabulous working to scale model from raw materials. Under some tough conditions such as running a mig weld set of a generator, limited tooling availability and tight timescales for which they were the only team to complete the build and weld on time to come a very respectable 3rd overall. A massive congratulation’s goes out to the guys and a big thank you for everyone who have taken them under their wing and given the guidance and training.