OGS receives grant from the TSB

Posted on: 29th Nov 2013

We are pleased to announce that theTechnology Strategy Board (TSB), which is the UK’s Innovation Agency, has awarded a grant to Oil & Gas Systems Ltd (OGS) and the University of Cambridge (UCAM) to conduct a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) for a programme to “characterise, optimise and validate a device to produce a homogeneous flow of a two-phase mixture for custody transfer”.

The programme forms part of a wide range of R&D projects that we are planning to carry out in our new facility in Ely with the aim of enhancing and in some areas, transforming our current businesses, thereby providing more effective products and services to our customers.  

The grant covers a period of 18 months and will provide employment opportunity for a highly qualified KTP Associate, who will have access to state of the art equipment and experimental facilities both at OGS and UCAM.

The research will be supervised jointly by Dr Wes Maru (OGS) and Dr Daniel Holland (UCAM).