Prestigious registration for OGM’s Flagship Product

Posted on: 19th Mar 2019

OGS' sister company OGM has been awarded Trade Mark Registrations in the UK, Norway and the US for its SmartMix® Sampling System

SmartMix® Technology brings a paradigm shift in “on-demand” efficient and accurate mixing for the Oil & Gas and allied industries and has many unparalleled efficiencies compared to current systems in the market. The SmartMix® Technology utilises a unique liquid jet in cross flow (LJICF) configuration, where strong-jet and weak-jet interactions cause the vortex entrainment atomisation of the aqueous phase into homogeneously distributed droplets with sufficient turbulence dissipation rate.


The SmartMix® Technology has the highest mixing efficiency and accuracy thereby delivering the best investment for quality measurement with rapid payback time.


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