Sampling & Analysis

We design and deliver packaged online and offline process analysis solutions primarily for the Oil & Gas, Refining and LNG industries. Our solutions cover both liquid and gas applications. Our projects team has experience delivering both green and brown field projects.

Our systems are designed to meet international engineering standards and local metrology compliance. Some of the standards and guidance we deliver to are ATEX, PED, ISO 10715, ISO 3171, ASTM D4177, EEMUA 138, DECC version 8 guidance.

We are specialists in the supply of systems requiring exotic materials and high levels of materials compliance such as NACE and 3.1 HCT. We can deliver systems requiring Duplex, Super Duplex, Hastelloy, Monel 400, 6 MO, Incoloy 825 & 316L wetted parts.

Online Process Analysis

Online process analysis describes the continuous monitoring of gas or liquid streams to measure chemical and physical properties. Instrumentation (Process Analysers) is used to sample the stream of interest and provide continuous or cyclic results to the process control system (DCS/SCADA/ICSS). These results are then used for alarm and shut down purposes (SIL), logging for compliance or closed loop control functions.

We can supply standalone field mounted analyser systems right through to turn key analyser houses with HVAC and fire & gas shutdown systems. Calibration/Verification systems are supplied as well as multi stream sample systems. We also supply sample probes that comply to project valve specifications.

Offline Process Analysis

Offline process analysis describes the process of sampling a quantity of process fluid either gas or liquid. The sample is then transported to a lab for analysis by a technician normally using an ASTM method. The purpose of the lab measurement is to either validate the correct operation of process analysers or provide analysis where process analysers are not used.

Various forms of sampling solutions are offered depending on compliance and application. The sampling regime can either be of the spot method (sample taken manually at some point in time) or the composite method (sample taken over a time period by an automated sampling solution). We can supply fully pumped fast loop analysis solutions together with fully compliant iso-kinetic sampling systems for liquid streams.

Packaged Solutions

  • Pre-Conditioners
  • Let Down Systems
  • Sample Systems
  • Analyser Houses / Shelters
  • Sample Recovery Systems
  • Analytical Sampling Probes