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Specifically designed for each application

OGS supply Produced Water Treatment packages utilising Hydrocyclones, Desanding Hydrocyclones and all types of process equipment. The selection of process equipment for Produced Water Treatment (PWT) is specifically designed to each application. We supply these packages in partnership with Enhydra Ltd who are an oil industry process company dedicated to the provision of specialised engineering services in the fields of Produced Water Treatment and Water Injection Systems.

PWT Equipment expertise includes

  • LL15 Deoiling Hydrocyclones
  • DS Range of Desanding Hydrocyclones
  • Induced Gas Flotation
  • VORTIXX Compact Flotation Unit (CFU)
  • Degassers
  • Multi-Media & Nutshell Filters
  • Coalescers
  • H2S Scrubbers
  • Absorption Filters

The Origin of Produced Water

Water is very often found together with petroleum in the reservoirs where the water, as a consequence of higher density than oil, lays in vast layers below the hydrocarbons in the porous reservoir media.  This water, which occurs naturally in the reservoir, is commonly known as formation water.  After oil and gas production has been occurring for a time, the formation water will reach the production wells and water production will initiate.

The Produced Water Composition

The compositions of formation water originally in place vary significantly in characteristics between the different reservoirs.  Produced water is basically a mixture of formation water and injected water but also contains smaller quantities of:

  • Dissolved organics (included hydrocarbons)
  • Traces of heavy metals
  • Dissolved minerals
  • Suspended oil (non-polar)
  • Solids (sand, silt)
  • Production chemicals

There is now wide agreement wtihin the petroleum industry, Governments and scientists that focus should now be put on oil in water content being as low as possible and the industry shall make use of the best available technology (BAT), which OGS is able to supply.