Supply of Spare Parts

OGS has direct access to all the spares that your installation might require. We will provide a full range of spares, responding rapidly to requests and can supply spare parts for our own equipment and other third party packages (following a site survey). Recommended Spares Lists are provided with all equipment packages supplied by OGS.

Sourcing parts via OGS provides the following benefits:

  • Assurance that the supplied spares will meet the exact criteria of the project, eliminating the risk of incompatibility or unsuitability of replacement parts.
  • Provides a single point spares contact for the entire scope of equipment without the need to source from numerous individual component suppliers.
  • Reduced spares costs due to preferential supplier discounts available to OGS.
  • Identification of parts which are prone to frequent failure, thereby enabling OGS to recommend replacement of components with more suitable alternatives.
  • The stocking of recommended spares can help prevent costly unscheduled shutdowns.